The Iconic Wellness Story

Iconic Wellness & Provisioning is the cannabis dispensary for Lowell, MI, providing access to medical marijuana for qualifying individuals since 2018. As a company, Iconic Wellness is committed to providing a safe and positive experience for anyone who enters their dispensary. They are dedicated to connecting their customers with the right products and creating a comfortable and inviting space to ensure the best possible experience.

The mission of Iconic Wellness is to bring quality cannabis products to those in need. They prioritize customer service and take great pride in offering the best products for their customers. They also offer classes and workshops for those interested in cannabis education.

Iconic Wellness is also proud to be an LGBTQ-friendly business. They are proud supporters of the LGBTQ+ community and strive to create an inclusive atmosphere for everyone. They have partnered with LGBTQ organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal to help promote LGBTQ rights and visibility.

At Iconic Wellness, they believe that everyone should have access to quality medical cannabis. They are committed to providing a safe, inviting, and welcoming atmosphere for all their customers. Iconic Wellness is an example of a business that not only provides quality products, but also strives to create a safe and positive environment for everyone. Human Rights Campaign